I long for a love that I know I can't have...

Dearest loyal (old) tumblr followers,
I genuinely DO NOT use this blog anymore. At all. I just keep it around because it beholds a couple of my ‘phases’ and I enjoy nostalgia on rare occasion.
The blog I use now is: http://pulchrammortem.tumblr.com/
Although the majority of my posts AT THE MOMENT seem to evolve around mainly horror and Led Zeppelin, it is a NSFW blog, so follow/view at your own risk.
I know, for the majority or you, I am so far down on your follow list that you weren’t even aware you were following me, but here I am.
I have matured a substantial amount since I started this blog, so I guess you could say I made a more suitable blog to acquire to my present tastes. It’s also easier than going through the entirety of this blog and deleting necessary posts.

To be quite truthful, the blog I currently own shows who I have really been since I was thirteen years old. And I felt like I needed to cover it up so I didn’t shock people too much. Granted I did go through a phase where I absolutely ADORED the likes of Of Mice & Men and Asking Alexandria, but now, I can say that out of my entire bands list on THIS blog, I only listen to twenty-nine (yes, I counted them) of the bands. Bands such as Asking Alexandria and Of Mice & Men and the like (aside from Pierce the Veil for personal reasons) are definitely not included. And even most of them I listen to on rare occasion. I made my ‘new’ blog (that I have had for around a year now) when I realised; “Fuck what people think. This is who I am. If they don’t like it, that’s there problem and they can go fuck themselves”.

Enough rambling, I am now going to sign out of this account, possibly for good. Any questions, please contact me here.

Otherwise, anyone who doesn’t follow me on my new blog, thanks for sticking around although I evidently never intended to return.

- Sephie xox

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So… I’m back.
So here’s the thing… I have this ‘goth’ blog and I use that more than this.
So… If youre intreated in following that blog, message me for the url.



do you ever just start thinking about sex and zone out for a couple of seconds and stare into space and then you come back and you’re like ah shit i hope no one realised i was thinking about sex just now

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the first person to give birth musta been like HOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT

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Good job, Meatloaf.


dead. i just died. i can’t breathe.

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does anyone else want to meet their favorite celebrity and like, not kiss them or have sex with them or anything like that, but just be their friend and hang out with them and go to the movies together and learn what songs are most played on their ipod and what they like to eat when theyre sick and what drawer they keep their socks in

because i would love to do that.


you know who would be a pain in the ass to dominate in bed?


ropes? nah dude.

handcuffs? dont think so.

a straight jacket under water and surrounded by sharks? no fuck u he gone




there better be another scene where Thor waddles around shirtless for no good reason in Thor 2 or I am going to get so mad

made this post 1 yr ago. thank u marvel


Marvel listens to its fanbase. We have Coulson Lives and pretty much everything Loki related to show for it.

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